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Archive for April, 2013

Possible 2013 UEFA “El Clasico” final

This years Spanish competition, Copa Del Ray found an unprepared Barcelona. After five years not only was Real able to catch up to Barcelona but it seems that they have exceeded them in terms of performance. Could this El Clasico be an indicator of the next Champions League winner or will Barcelona surprise us yet again?

Jose Mourihno is on of the best coaches in the world and he also has a very powerful resource that will ultimately influence the result of the game. In his last 10 Champions League appearances Cristiano Ronaldo managed to score 14 goals therefore he will be the most dangerous threat for the Germans.

Bayern Munchen -Barcelona : The giants’ confrontation

So far Bayern has had a pretty good season and statistics show that they have had 10 more shots on target then their competitors. However the Catalans have one key player that is believed to make the difference between the opposing team. Messi has had a great influence on the last games as he was responsible for 6 or the eight away goals.