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Arbitrage Betting

When betting on sports, many people choose arbitrage betting because of the reduced risks. Basically they are investing in a positive return of their money with little or no risk at all. Bankers also use this method when they speculate in financial assets.

  • How does it work?

Successful arbitrage betting means that you make a profit no matter how the game goes. For example, if you are sport betting on football and one bookmaker has Real Madrid listed at 2.00 and another the opposing team, Barcelona +0,5 listed at 2.20 you have an arbitrage situation. You wager with the first bookie on Real Madrid and lay down $500. If they win you make $1000 and then quickly wager $400 with the second bookie on Barcelona. If it hits you win $800. No matter how the two score, you are going to win with no risk and a 2.46 return on your investment.

  • Sure win situations

Bookmakers try to balance their book so that they reduce the overall risks. However, if they get blasted on one side of a betting game they are forced to move the line so they get action on the other. Everybody has a different interpretation of the statistics and relevant data for the betting object. As a result, bookmakers’ odds might be different, creating some favorable arbitrage situations. The same thing happens when the odds change rapidly because of new information and the pressure from bettors. Some will react slowly, thus creating opportunities for arbitrage.

Although arbitrage situations arise daily, knowing how to take advantage of them requires a lot of work. A bettor has to isolate the situation and allocate the right amount of money for each significant outcome, while looking out for odd changes and reduced betting limits. Sometimes the bookmaker cancels an arbitrage so make sure you check the terms and conditions and avoid obvious mistakes. Furthermore, if the bookies notice that you exploit these errors, they will reduce your betting limits.

  • Can someone else do the arbitrage for me?

If you provide the capital, many arbitrage teams will do the work for you. Nevertheless, you must be aware of the fact that there are many scams out there promising you impossible profits. Many punters have been the victims of these shams and lost everything. Software programs are another option, because they can help you find the best arbitrage bets. Some betting robots can automatically bet an amount when a situation is identified. However, it is quite expensive and recommended only to those who are experienced in the betting system.

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