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Baseball Betting for Beginners

Sports betting involves more than just pure luck, unlike standard roulette or other gambling games. Many people choose to bet on football, but they skip baseball because the games usually take place during the week, rather than on weekends. Smart bettors will find baseball to be quite lucrative. They also have many opportunities to bet because the teams play 162 games during a season. However, baseball betting is slightly different than other sports and it can be a little difficult to understand and learn it. Nevertheless, after you have learned the basics, the games will become a great source of entertainment and profit.

The Pitchers

Baseball, unlike other sports that have team matchups, is less of a team sport and more of a sequence of individual matchups between the batter and the pitcher. As a result, you must know who is pitching before placing any bets. There are 5 starting pitchers in each team who play by rotation so they get a few days rest between the starts. Because of this, a team’s odds are influenced by their first starter choice and their last. Even the lowest rated team can be favored over the best team, if they choose their ace pitcher to play against a weaker opponent. Before you bet on baseball, make sure you gather information about the starting pitcher and the bookie’s rules about pitcher changes. For example, if you bet on a pitcher and before the games he is changed, you must be able to cancel the bet.

Lefty/Righty Matchups

The lefty/righty switch is a maneuver by which a player who does not perform well against left or right handed opponents is replaced for the duration of the situation by a player who does better. This is an important factor to consider in baseball betting. Usually left handed batters do worse against pitchers who are left handed. If you want to bet on a lefty slugger to score a home run, make sure you revise your estimate when he is playing against a left handed opponent. It is not uncommon for left handed batters to sit on the bench if the other team has a lefty pitcher. Because a player might have a big difference in power between the left and right arm, thoroughly evaluate him before betting.

The Stadium

The dimensions of the stadium are often a part many baseball bettors overlook. The distances from the plate to the wall are different for each stadium and can affect how well the players perform. This is known as the ballpark effect. For example, the original Yankee Stadium was notorious for the “short porch” down the right field line and Fenway Park has the famous “Green Monster” in left field.

Player Statistics

When evaluating the player stats, you must be aware of the fact that the regular wins for pitchers and RBIs for hitters are usually paraded by the media. This doesn’t mean that they accurately show the player’s performance. Because player evaluation has evolved, we now have better means to measure performance. A baseball bettor should rely on this rather than on meaningless statistics reported by the newspapers.

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