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Basic Tennis Betting

This article will provide novice bettors with valuable information about the main factors required when betting on tennis. Besides the fact that it can help you enhance the entertainment, this material will also teach you how to place smart bets and earn money while you do something that you like.


Tennis is a popular sport throughout the world, with millions of people watching each match. If you are among them, tennis betting can greatly increase the entertainment value. However, betting on this sport is different than how it was a few years ago. If in the last years you could bet only pre-game on who would win the match, now you can place many bets during the match (live betting) on total games, who wins the first set and if your player will win 2-1 or 2-0. As a result, punters have a greater selection of bets at their disposal. The only thing you need to know is what to bet on and when to say pass.

Player ranking

The ranking for both men and women’s tennis are published each week during a 52-week cumulative system. Each player received a certain amount of points based on their results. If they have good results, they will receive a higher amount of points and a higher ranking. If you are planning to bet on tennis, but you are not sure the odds on offer are sufficient, it is wise to check the rankings of each player. This way you can find out many thinks about player, such as his general skill level, and many times you will realize that what you considered an attractive price is actually a bad deal. Moreover, there will be moments when the prices seem too attractive when compared to the rankings. Even if the ranking are a great tool, there are many other things a bettor must consider, such as the seeding.


Seeding is a term you will often come across. The seeding is not always the same as the ranking, because it is used for individual tournaments, so that the best players do not meet in opening rounds. Usually the players seeded on the first and second position will meet in the finals. If the players ranked on the top 4 positions start in the tournament, their rank will be the same as their seed. If player with rank 1 and 4 start, for example, they will be seeded 1 and 2. That is why bettors should know the rank and not just the seeding when they evaluate a player’s abilities.

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