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Bayern Munchen -Barcelona : The giants’ confrontation

As we count the days to the first semifinals of the Champions League we can’t help but remember some of the history that these two clubs share. Although the balance favored the Bavarians at first, the latest confrontation was quite a shock. Barcelona managed to beat Bayern with a humiliating 4-0 score. It would seem that a lot of pressure is adding up on the shoulders of the oposing players and we can’t help but engage in endless debates about the result of the up-coming game.

Last season Bayern established itself as a powerful club when he made it to the semifinals. In the meantime Barcelona did not have the same pleasant journey, being eliminated by Chelsea in the semifinals. Two times have the opposing clubs crossed paths in the past during eliminations stages. In the 95-96 UEFA Cup, Bayern eliminated Barcelona but the 2008-2009 season was quite unpleasant for the Bayern players. After having been defeated with 4-0 score, in the home match they barely managed to maintain a 1-1 score.

This year both teams have developed powerful strategies although their stiles differ a lot. Furthermore they are both ahead of a lot of teams in their country. However recent events will influence the development of the game. For example Mandzukic will be unable to support Bayern due to his suspension. Furthermore both Toni Kross and Badstuber will also be sitting out on this confrontation due to their injuries. On the other hand Barcelona will also be missing some top players such as Puyol, Mascherano and Adriano.

In order to get a clear view of what we are to expect from the first semifinal we should take into account some facts regarding the two clubs. Barcelona has reached the League’s semifinals for six consecutive seasons which is an amazing record. However their last five League games were rather troublesome as they only managed to win one of them. Furthermore this season they have had only 56 shots on target. On the other hand Bayern Munchen has had 66 shots on target and they have never lost a home game against Barcelona.

While the fans’ predictions for the up-coming game are influenced by their personal preferences, impartial sources should be consulted for a proper analysis. According to the Hamburger SV captain, Rafael van der Vaart, the Bavarians are heading towards a rough battle and they don’t really stand a chance against the Catalans. Barcelona’s main advantage lies in a key player. Although both teams have powerful players and strong strategies, Messi will be the element that will tip the balance in favor of Barcelona as he was responsible for six of the eight away goals this season.

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