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Fabricate your luck using a permutation betting system

This list of betting systems is recognized and used world-wide. The importance of these systems is guaranteed by the fact that most of them are integrated on the online bookmaker platforms, as an option for the person who places the bet.

The Kelly Criterion Betting System

The Kelly Criterion betting system is ideal for those who are good at comparing the value of their bets. It is actually a system centered on money management, a technique used to optimize the potential of winning. Find out in this article if the Kelly Criterion is what you need.

The New Online Betting Regulations

The online betting regulations is a new concept to most markets because it has been an unclear legal area in most countries. However, it is becoming more clear that online betting regulations are the new trend. This article will provide valuable information about the online regulations in European countries.

A Guide To Sports Betting Stats

Most sport bettors spend countless hours crunching betting stats so they find the secret information hidden behind the numbers. Sports betting stats come in numerous forms, ways and shapes. If you want to be able to read and make sense of them, you will need a set of tools.

Basic Tennis Betting

This article will provide novice bettors with valuable information about the main factors required when betting on tennis. Besides the fact that it can help you enhance the entertainment, this material will also teach you how to place smart bets and earn money while you do something that you like.

Learning How to Bet on Hockey

Sports betting can be a very entertaining and profitable activity if you have knowledge about some important aspects. Although the list is long, the most important factors are history, injury, form and travel. This article will help the inexperienced bettor take in the meaning of the terms in an uncomplicated way.

Baseball Betting for Beginners

Sports betting involves more than just pure luck, unlike standard roulette or other gambling games. A smart bettor will find baseball to be quite lucrative. However, baseball betting is slightly different than other sports, so before you bet you must take these factors into consideration.

Frequency Distribution in Sports Betting

A frequency distribution can be defined in betting terms as a grouping of data into intervals or categories that show the number of observations for each category. This article will show you how to apply and construct a frequency so you increase your chances of winning.

Irrational Escalation Bias in Sports Betting

Bookmakers always take advantage of bettors who make bad decisions. If you would investigate the reason behind their bad luck, the result will be clear. In order to fully understand the betting psychology and why bettors are making poor decisions, you must learn about the irrational escalation.

Introduction to Flat Betting

Most bettor find money management difficult to handle and often end up losing money. Many use betting systems to limit the amount they lose. A flat bet is an interesting way of approaching the world of sports bets. This method is very different from other betting systems and its simplicity amazes us.

Outright Winner for English Premier League 2013/2014

An outright bet is a bet that is placed on an entire league or competition, not just on an individual game. Compared to regular bets, outright bets have much higher returns, that is why they are so popular among sports bettors. The following preview is written for betting purposes, because the transfer window is not over yet.

How to Bet on Basketball

It is not difficult to make a profit when you are betting on basketball if you are aware of some decisive factors. This article will help you master the basic principles and learn how to bet on basketball without losing your entire bankroll.   The Matchup The matchup is an essential part of betting on basketball and the first thing you must check before you wager. Make sure you know how well the team matched up their opponents and if they usually struggle more against this particular team. One of the reasons for this could be a bad stylistic matchup.  [ Read More ]

Understanding Betting Odds

Even if understanding betting odds is not difficult, if you are an inexperienced punter you will need some time to figure out the process. The odds in favor of a certain event are the ratio of probability that the event will happen to the probability that it won’t. Find out more in this article.

Introduction to 1X2 Betting

Also known as three-way betting, 1X2 betting refers to betting on an away win, a home win or a draw. It is similar to what you could find on a betting coupon in a classic betting shop a while ago. You can find out more about how to use it, the markers and why bookmakers use it in this article.

The Difference between a Population and a Sample in Sports Betting

Statistics is an important part of sports betting that punters must master so they will be able to place a smart bet. This article will describe two important types of data sets – samples and population – and the difference between them.

Sports Arbitrage Betting Explained

Arbitrage betting is a trading technique that uses the odds with a guaranteed profit. This is the only way to make a constant profit without having interest in sports. This method has been used for a long time in financial markets, so average bettors might find it difficult to master.

Unconditional, Conditional and Joint Probability in Betting

In order to become a successful bettor, you must master the betting probability. Probabilities describe the frequency of a possible result, while the odds compare favorable to unfavorable outcomes. We will break this difficult terminology into a more easy to grasp language so you can better understand this concept.

The Rules of Multiplication in Betting

This article focuses on the two rules of multiplication in betting, the general rule of multiplication and the special rule of multiplication. Smart bettors must know how to differentiate between independent and dependent variables and how to calculate the joint probability of an event.

Cognitive Biases in Betting: The Framing Effect

Most bettors are unaware of a concept known as betting psychology. The concept is used to describe the human nature and the way our decision making process can be influenced by mental tricks. There are many talented punters who fail to make a profit because of bad money management and betting psychology.

What is a Betting Probability?

Understanding probabilities is one of the most important aspects in sports betting. Probability can be defined as the likelihood of a given event’s occurrence or that a statement is true, expressed as a number between 1 and 0. Find out more in this article.