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Considering the human nature, should people bet on sports?

Besides the professional punters, there are many people who bet on sports for entertainment purposes. Although they hope to win occasionally, many don’t really expect to make a profit over a long period of time. They are happy just because trustworthy online sport books pay back 90-97% of one wagered unit so every deposited penny is worth spending.


  • The human nature and betting

Although betting is not the world’s oldest profession, some believe it to be the second, because of the trills and excitement it provides. Imagine a NLH game where your team is down 3-0 and nobody is happy. After your team manages to win the game 5 second before the end everybody is shouting and high-fiving their friends. Instant gratification combined with entertainment can be a very compelling recipe. Moreover, there are many cognitive biases that hamper with our ability to make logical decisions about betting.

  • Should betting be illegal?

When thinking about this issue, it is important to acknowledge the fact that only few individuals develop a gambling addiction and 99.5% of the population has the capacity to handle gambling and consider it just good entertainment. However, if you are one of those who have become unable to control it, we understand the devastating effect this problem can have on your life. This is the same case as with alcoholism, drug abuse and other addictions.

Nevertheless, the minority should not affect the freedom to bet of the other 99.5 percent of the population, because it is statistically irrelevant. Although it may sound somehow cynical, prohibiting people from betting is a violation of their freedom to make their own decision, either these decisions are good or bad. After all, people can get addicted to many other things, such as a relationship, and we certainly cannot make romantic relationships illegal.

Another example is the unhealthy fast food responsible for one of the biggest problems of the society: obesity. You cannot prohibit anything people tend to abuse just because they make a bad decision. After all, that would be a violation of the fundamental human rights. Furthermore, research suggests that sports betting is not a problem gambling. Casino games or online poker are more likely to cause an addition that this type of entertainment.

  • Conclusion

In the beginning of this article we have highlighted the entertainment value of sports betting. For 99.5% of the population, betting on sport is no different than reading a book, going to the cinema of eating in a fancy restaurant. And neither of these types of leisure activities is free. When you want to see a good movie, you must pay for the ticket. This is the same for the majority of individuals that bet on sports. Furthermore, they might even get lucky and make a profit.

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