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How to Bet on Basketball

It is not difficult to make a profit when you are betting on basketball if you are aware of some decisive factors. This article will help you master the basic principles and learn how to bet on basketball without losing your entire bankroll.


  • The Matchup

The matchup is an essential part of betting on basketball and the first thing you must check before you wager. Make sure you know how well the team matched up their opponents and if they usually struggle more against this particular team. One of the reasons for this could be a bad stylistic matchup. If the other team has a strong front court, your team may not be able to defend it. Look into specific aspects rather than the averages, such as specific player matchups. For example, if your team relies on their Centre, find out if the opponents also have a good Centre. If this is the case, analyze if your team has players in other positions that can make a difference.

  • Injuries

Injuries are an essential aspect of basketball because they can influence the outcomes of a game. NBA teams have 15 players from which only 12 are allowed to play. If a team loses a starter, the minutes their reserve players have is affected and the team can lose the match. If you believe you have spotted a good wager, be very careful with player injuries so you can walk away from it if such events occur.

  • The Schedule

Most football bettors lose money when betting on basketball because they are not aware of the fact that unlike football, basketball matches can take place in consecutive nights. If a team has consecutive games while being away from home, the players will be tires and they are also more exposed to injuries. All these factors affect their chances of defeating the opposing team. On the other hand, the team’s chances of winning increase if they have the previous night off and their opponents didn’t.

  • Momentum

Some teams start slow and their performance increases gradually during the game, while others start strong and quickly lose ground. This factor is very important when you bet on 1st quarter or 1st half scores. Moreover, players can also carry momentum through a match. Make sure you are aware of the capacities of the team or player you choose.

  • The edges

Taking advantage of the edges is the most important part of sports betting. An edge is the advantage a bettor has over the oddsmaker. The oddsmakers indicate what they think about the likelihood of an outcome when the odds are assigned to a particular game. It is not uncommon for novice bettor to overestimate their edge, and that is why you must thy and be conservative. This can be accomplished by treating a large edge as if you have a small one and a small edge as if you have no edge at all.

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