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How to Bet on MMA

MMA betting is on of the fastest growing betting activities because it keeps punters and fans involved. MMA is different than boxing, where bettors must wait months before a big fight takes place. However, there are some similarities if you look at it from a betting viewpoint. If you already know how to bet on boxing, then you already have a set of skills needed in MMA bets. Mixed martial arts wagers are subjective and books often open with enormous misprices that experienced bettors can take advantage of. Many believe that in order to find mistakes in the prices, you must look at the bigger picture and gather all the information you can.


This is one of the most important elements of MMA betting. When judging how a fight will go, you must know why a fighter is being placed where he is, if he is doing the promoter a favor and what are the consequences if one fighter wins against another. Although MMA is a sport, it is also a business and those who acknowledge this have a higher chance of winning. Furthermore, you must observe each fighter’s style and how well it will work against the other player’s style. Sometimes fighters with many KO victories can’t avoid being taken down by the superior grappler who always has an edge and decides how the match is fought. Before you place a bet of a fighter, it is important to know the result he has against a similar type of opponent so you can establish a path to victory.


In order to successfully bet on MMA, you must look into the pre-MMA background of a fighter. If he was a wrestler in college at NNCA, you can predict that the takedowns and control will be high-quality. A fighter who was a professional kick-boxer will most likely be a striker. Another aspect that most bettors overlook is the fighter’s progression in training camp. It is not uncommon for fighters to switch to a new camp so they work on a weakness. For example, if a fighter has a raw talent but ends up losing a fight because of indiscipline, a move to a more organized gym will result in a fight planning improvement in the future.

Ignoring the record

Although it may sound crazy, the MMA record of a fighter is not very important, because most young fighters are not protected by fighting scrubs until they manage to build a record. Top pound fighters already have losses before joining the UFC. Carlos Condit, for example, had 4 losses and Anderson Silva also lost 4 fights. Because the MMA market is still new, bookmakers still make mistakes that you can exploit with a bit of research. Before placing a bet, make sure you compare the price at all available books.

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