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Introduction to 1X2 Betting

The 1X2 betting may be a confusing, unfamiliar term for some people. This article aims to describe this term and give some pointers about the system. Also known as three-way betting, 1X2 betting refers to betting on an away win, a home win or a draw. It is similar to what you could find on a betting coupon in a classic betting shop a while ago. The X actually marks the draw, the 1 the home win and the 2 the away win. The purpose of this system is not to even out the difference in class between the listed teams for that bet or the listed players. It seeks to reflect the real odds for all possible outcomes minus the bookmaker’s hold.


  • Example

Let’s say for example that you want to bet on a game and the Premier League is the best sports event happening that day. Newcastle is playing Aston villa on Tuesday night and you plan to watch the game in your favorite pub. On the way to the pub you go to the betting shop to find out the match in their betting offer. The draw is priced at 3.30, the away win is 2.85 and the home win at 2.55. If you bet the draw for X that means you bet the draw, if you choose Newcastle you bet on 1 and if you choose Villa the bet is on 1.

  • Markers

The 1X2 betting is used on almost every market that allows outcomes, including the European handicap betting lines with a possible draw. An European handicap occurs when one team is given a goal head start but the betting coupon still has the draw option.

  • Why do bookmakers use it?

The main reason why this type of betting is still being used by bookmakers is mostly tradition. The 1X2 has been used intensely and for many years, especially in Europe. However, bettor can also make a financial profit from it. If you compare the odds available you will discover that the most important European football leagues trade at 93-94% on average and Asian handicap lines are trading at a significantly lower vig.

  • Tips

When you bet, the most important thing is to choose trusted bookmakers. In this domain, few manage to survive because of the fierce competition and the fact that the betting market is becoming more and more regulated. If you trust your money with the wrong bookmaker you can end up with a zero bankroll in the blink of an eye. Hopefully over time the 1X2 will help you win money or at least limit the losses.

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