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Introduction to Flat Betting

Most bettor find money management difficult to handle and often end up losing money. Many use betting systems to limit the amount they lose, although some are very hard to understand and master. A flat bet is an interesting way of approaching the world of sports bets. This method is very different from other betting systems and its simplicity amazes us every time.

What is flat betting?

Unlike other betting systems with complicated progressive staking, flat betting is what it says it is: a balanced, constant bet. This method involves betting the same amount every time you place a bet. For example, if you place a $10 bet on your favorite team, no matter if they lose or win, you continue betting $10 without changing it. If you like to wager the same cash sum every time you place a bet, you might be flat betting without even knowing it.

Why choose flat betting?

Even if there are many other fancy systems you can use, such as the Kelly Criterion or the Martingale, these methods are volatile by nature. This means that your bankroll will greatly fluctuate, sending you on a roller coaster ride each time you bet. Some people are not prepared to face so much stress. A flat bet can shield you from those intense moments when you are very close to lose all your bankroll. Other betting systems come in many shapes, forms and can offer a higher return on your betting capital. However, in order to be able to understand the theory, you need a lot of hard work and practice. This is not something the average bettor wants.

Flat betting is great for those who want to sleep good at night. Sport betting is very dynamic, because the information is colossal and the odds are constantly moving when the bookies interpret stats in a different manner. Moreover, bettors with different ideas and backgrounds use these tools in their own unique manner. More than 75% of the punters out there should use flat betting and ignore star rating. They should choose a number at the beginning of the season and continue with it until the ends.

It is not uncommon for players to put a low rating because they just want some action. These people are just betting for the sake of it and will end up losing in the long run. Furthermore, a bettor who loses money will make a higher rating on plays without any justification, because they desperately want their money back. Another reason for Sunday punters to choose flat betting is the amount of work required for finding edges. It is not difficult to handicap a game and say that there is an edge, but the tricky part is actually determining what that edge is. Those who master statistics can get away with using refined systems, but the rest of us should stick with the safer flat betting in order to avoid bankroll ruin.

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