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Outright Winner for English Premier League 2013/2014

An outright bet is a bet that is placed on an entire league or competition, not just on an individual game. Although outright bets are placed before the beginning of a season, you can take advantage of this opportunity even during the course of the event. Compared to regular bets, outright bets have much higher returns, that is why they are so popular among sports bettors. Punters can predict a team’s finishing position, bet on a winner or on a number of season points. The number of this type of bets is growing each season.

The following preview is written for betting purposes, because the transfer window is not over yet. Based on the information available today, Manchester City and Chelsea are doing very well in terms of the outright market at 3.25 (9/4) with BET365. The price for Manchester United is too low at 5/2 (3.50), so they need at least one solid midfielder. They tried to land Fabregas and Thiago without any success. Arsenal didn’t do enough in the market yet, although at 11.00 (10/1) it can be an outsider.

Manchester has captured Negredo, Navas, Jovetic and Fernandinho. Moreover, they have a new coach, Pellegrini, who is excellent. Shipping Tevez to Juventus was the right move even if he was a great player, because he was not positive for the morale of the team. This displacement is strong and they probably won’t drop many points over the season. Right now they are our favorites to take the trophy.

Chelsea brought back Jose Mourinho. This was a good move because he has added a lot to the team. Moreover, Schwarzer will be Cech’s right hand and Van Ginkel, Kalas, Wallace, Schurrle and Bruma are all great players. We are expecting some big events as the Special One has sent a lot of wishful thinking to Wayne Rooney who is stuck in a bitter relationship with David Moyes. It seems that a lot of British ex-players favor Chelsea, and who can disagree with the more mature argument?

Arsenal is third on our list. It seems that this team ties to sign a top forward but was unsuccessful so far. Chu-Young Park and Sangoo have managed so far, but we are talking about the English Premier League now. They will probably need some time to adjust. The Gunners are still trying for Suarez. If he will join Weger the odds of 11.00 will not last for too long. Trading this could make a sure bet. Probably the odds won’t rise, although thy will potentially drop a great deal.

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