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The New Online Betting Regulations

The online betting regulations is a new concept to most markets because it has been an unclear legal area in most countries. The UK, Austria and Ireland are few of the countries that have managed to regulate the developing online market. Italy has also been at it for some time, while Denmark and France recently started to pay more attention to this aspect. It is becoming more clear that online betting regulations are the new trend. This article will provide valuable information about the online regulations in European countries.

How are the operators affected?

The new online betting regulations will require operators to comply and pay the high costs of direct application and other professional fees. The European law firms will greatly benefit from all the legal taxes they will charge. Because of the compliance fee that will result in a a barrier of entry, only the biggest operators will be able to get in. The taxes will also increase. Bettors who once relied on the 0.5% Malta turnover tax will face taxes of 30%, similar to those in Greece. As a result, the competition among the larger operations will increase and they will gain market shares on the expense of the players. The M&A activity should go up as the operators fight over the market shares.

How are the customers affected?

The new online betting regulations will certainly separate the men who will embrace the light of the licenses from the boys who will be left out in the cold. Some might say that this will provide better protection for the client and his deposit. An operator which is approved by the regional gaming board will keep the safeguard the deposit better than an unregulated business would. The downside of the regulations is that the price customers have to pay will go up because the bookmakers will increase their margins so they can pay taxes.

Lines that are at 95% today will drop closer to the 80% mark, making it harder for serious sports bettors to make a decent profit. These bettors must be patient and wait for the drama to pass. For a while, they will still be able to bet with unregulated operators if they want to. Of course. The operators will also fight, because they know they can offer a better product than the regulated bookies. If they use their edge to complete, maybe they will be successful.

How will the regulations be enforced?

The gaming boards and new monopolies will fight hard in order to protect their market position and will try by all means to block the unregulated operators. They have been lobbying the online betting regulations for years, spending millions on this scenario and don’t want anyone to interfere. Unregulated businesses such as the US, Norway and Poland will have more payment options shut down. Of course, DNS will find many creative ways of ensuring that the big operators get the money so they can pay taxes to the government.

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